Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hollywood Celebrity Kim Kardashian – Range Rover

Kardashian is not your average trust-fund kid from Beverly Hills, California. Just because she is the second-eldest daughter of the late O.J. Simpson attorney, Robert Kardashian, and a step-daughter of 1976 Olympic Games decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner, doesnt mean all she does with her days is sit around the pool and go shopping. Okay, maybe she shops, but only because its her job. Yes, I said job
Despite growing up in a world of immense privilege in what is quoted on her official website as an almost fairytale childhood, Kim Kardashian has actually been working since she was 16 years old with her fathers company, Movie Tunes.

I find it funny when people just see me as being one of those rich kids, she said. I stopped getting money from my parents when I turned 18-years-old. There's more to me than that; I'm a sister, a daughter and'fashionista.

With the inherited entrepreneurial spirit from her father and a passion for fashion, Kim started her own celebrity styling business. Her first styling stint was for best friend Brandy Norwood when she was asked to style for her promotional tour for Afrodisiac (Atlantic Records, 2004).

I thought she was kidding but then I got a call from her record label saying that I only had a week to style Brandy and all her backup dancers for the tour, she said. It gave me an amazing opportunity to get into the business I loved, and I never left it.
She now has a successful business as Hollywoods go-to girl for closet makeovers, where she dissects celebrity closets and even sells their outdated clothing on eBay. My first closet makeover was for my godmothers closet, she said. I also sold $25,000-worth of her old clothes and she took that money and placed it on a down payment for a Mercedes.

In June 2006, Kim and two of her younger sisters opened up their own upscale clothing boutique in Calabasas, California titled DASH after their last name.

My sister opened up a childrens store three years ago and when a space became available next to it, we jumped at the opportunity to open up an upscale clothing boutique, she explained. It was a dream of mine.