Thursday, April 30, 2009

Barbara Mori Photos, The girl who nearly split Hrithik and wife!



Birthname:Barbara Mori Ochoca

Hookups:Jose Maria Torre, Sergio Mayer


Assets:Nice Body, Beautiful Face,smile



Job:Soap Opera Actress

Hobbies:Field hockey


Country of Origin:Uruguay

Body Figure: 36, 23, 34

Meet Barbara Mori. She's 31, extremely hot and much to Indian Superstar Hrithik's agony, simply irresistible. The superstar reportedly had an affair with Barbara on the sets on his upcoming Kites and according to sources, is now in trouble with wife Suzanne Roashan.
All started during the shoots. There was an on-screen kiss, bunch of steamy love scenes and Hrithik apparently lost his kite amidst all the action.

But the headline that took the spot was the one which announced wife Suzzanne's exit from their home! The Roshans swiftly reacted saying Hrithik's wife was just away because of 'some renovation' work at the Roshan residence.