Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 10 Hottest D-Cup Female Celebrities

#1 Lynda Carter (38-D) - Not only is Lynda Carter one of the hottest female celebrites of all time, but she also has some of the biggest hooters in Hollywood history.

#2 Jennifer Connelly (34-D) -

#2 Jennifer Connelly (34-D)

#4 Laetitia Casta -

#5 Shannon Elizabeth (36-D)

#6 Jessica Simpson (34-D) -

#7 Carmen Electra (36-D) - Carmen was once a B-cup, but she wisely "enhanced" herself to a D.

#8 Holly Madison (36-D)

#9 Deborah Caprioglio (38-D) - The Italian actress has been making money off of her cannoli's for years.

#10 Kat Dennings (34-D) - You might remember Kat and her gigantic hooters from The 40-Year Old Virgin. I personally remember the scene where she walks out of the bathroom crying with this skin tight striped shirt on and yelling, "good lord, that girls boobs are huge!"