Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man 2011 Hollywood Movie Reviews, Photos, Cast, Stills, Poster, Wallpaper and Synopsis

Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man

Movie Name:Tetsuo III: The Bullet Man
Directed by: Shinya Tsukamoto
Produced by: Shinichi Kawahara, Masayuki Taneshima
Starring: Eric Bossick, Akiko Mono, Shinya Tsukamoto, Stephen Sarrazin, Yuko Nakamura, Tiger Charlie Gerhardt
Music by: Chu Ishikawa
Editing by: Tsukamoto, Yuji Ambe
Release date(s): 5 September 2009 (Venice), 22 May 2010 (Japan)
Running time: 79 minute
Country: Japan
Language: English

Filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto, who scored international cult successes with his visually startling sci-fi fantasies Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, delivers the long-awaited third film in the series with Tetsuo: The Bullet Man. Born to a Japanese mother and American mother, Anthony (Erik Bossick) is a businessman who lives in Tokyo with his wife Yuriko (Akiko Monou) and son Tom (Tiger Charlie Gerhardt). Anthony often struggles with his temper, and while his late mother taught him it was important not to give himself over to rage, he can't control himself when an auto accident claims his son's life. As furious anger takes over Anthony's mind, his body undergoes a bizarre transformation as his flesh turns to metal and a incredible variety of weapons begin to emerge from his flesh, including a high-powered machine gun. As Anthony confronts his father (Stephen Sarrazin), he discovers his dad's career as a scientist was not at all what he'd been led to believe -- and neither was his mother's fate. Tetsuo: The Bullet Man received its world premiere at the 2009 Veince International Film Festival.
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