Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Troll Hunter 2011 Hollywood Movie Reviews, Photos, Cast, Stills, Poster, Wallpaper and Synopsis

The Troll Hunter

Movie Name: The Troll Hunter
Theatrical Release: 1/21/2011
Director: André Ovredal
Cast: Otto Jespersen
Producers : Sveinung Golimo, John M. Jacobsen
Writer: André Ovredal
Three student filmmakers venture into the most isolated region of Norway on a mission to confront a notorious bear poacher, and discover that the elusive hunter's true prey is something far more extraordinary when they begin hearing rumors that giant trolls lurk deep in the countryside. Thomas, Kalle, and Johanna though they were pursuing a criminal, but after locating Hans with the help of some local hunters, they learn that bears are not his true target, but a mere smokescreen to obscure what he's really after - trolls. A secret government agency has been conspiring to cover up the existence of these massive monsters, but occasionally the trolls manage to break their containment area. When that happens, it falls on Hans to capture the creatures at all costs. Trolls are highly sensitive to sunlight, and traditional weapons only make them angry. Instead of carrying a gun, Hans carries an enormous UV light capable of stopping even the fiercest of trolls dead in its tracks. The only way that humans can travel in the area undetected is to cover their bodies in a foul-smelling concoction that makes us invisible to the troll's highly developed sense of smell. Lately, the long hours and grueling work conditions have been taking their toll on Hans, so when the student filmmakers show up looking for a good story, he decides that it's time for the truth to come out, no matter what the cost. Now, if the group can just survive long enough to get their incredible footage to the outside world, they could be responsible for revealing the most impressive cryptozoological discovery in the history of mankind.

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